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Move or copy is failed on Ubuntu


New member

Have temporary “Try Ubuntu” on USB1, so no internet for this PC, only USBs.
USB1 = Ubuntu
USB2 = /mnt/ (from)
USB3 = /media/ (to)
  1. Nautilus (same as File Explorer), supposed to move /mnt/ to /media/. But I can’t create a “New Folder” or “Paste” on /media/. Only just grey text. So unfortunately failed.
[email protected]: sudo sh -
  1. Move (mv):
[email protected]: mv /mnt/ /media/
failed to preserve ownership for ... Operation not permission
Alot of these. So unfortunately failed.
  1. Copy (cp), then delete:
[email protected]: cp -Rf /mnt/ /media/
failed to preserve ownership for... Operation not permission
Cannot create regular file... Invalid argument
Cannot create regular file... File exists
Cannot create special file... Operation not permission
Alot of these. So unfortunately failed.

How can I have normal mv or cp?


Staff member
Have you made sure USB2 and USB3 are mounted before you try to move the files? And is USB3 mounted read/write?

What file system are the USBs in? You might not be able to write to a NTFS formatted stick in Ubuntu (reading should be ok)


New member
I have different filesystems (ext,ntfs,fat32,etc) on each disks on “from”. Sorry, I have misunderstood USB2, so correctly is any kinds of disks, f.ex. USB2 was SanDisk 64 GB. Next one was Samsung 500 GB on IDE (explicitly not USB2), next one was Toshiba 500 GB on SATA (also not USB2), and so on. But this is the same way on previous comments.

USB1 = Try Ubuntu
USB2/IDE/SCSI/SATA = /mnt/ (from) - this is different from disk to disk
USB3 = /media/ (to) - external 4TB

This is Toshiba 500 GB on SATA (“from”/“USB2”)
E.g. fdisk -l and lsblk -o:

Device Type Fstype
/dev/sdg1 Linux ext4
/dev/sdg2 Extended
/dev/sdg5 Linux ext4
/dev/sdg6 Linux swap / Solaris swap
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Staff member
I suspect the issue might be the filesystems, and how they are mounted - do you know what filesystem is in use for each drive?