NAS Drives


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Jul 14, 2022
I'm looking to buy a new NAS Drive. I have a lot of photos, films etc stored on various external drives but it would be nice to centralise this across my whole home.

I'm looking at about 8TB storage capacity but can't decide between these two:

1 -

2 -

I'm leaning towards the WD one as I have used Western Digital drives in the past and never had an issue but what are your thoughts?
Hey @OllieD - welcome to CF!

I would be slightly leaning towards the Synology drive, purely from the standpoint of I believe these are quite easy to run all sorts of software on. If you’re just looking purely for storage then either drive will likely serve you fine but if you want things like download managers, video streaming apps like Plex or Emby then I would go with the Synology.

I’ll do a bit more research when I’m back at a real computer and update this post :)
Thanks for your input. I do download things so looks like the Synology would be the best buy.