New PC Build list

Hi @anon89066654 - welcome to Computer Forums 🙂
Looks like a fairly decent parts list! I would personally consider upping the ram to 32GB and perhaps a beefier PSU if you are considering a 3060, or are you planning to upgrade it nearer the time?
This looks like a great build and should serve you well in terms of flexibility and future upgrades. Only thing I would consider is just how well the case would perform for cooling and noise - with a mechanical hard drive and all air cooling rather than an AIO perhaps you would want to consider some sort of water cooling if noise might be a concern for you

Also the case does have RGB Fans - if you don’t like this is this just something you will turn off or are you looking for just a hint of RGB?

You might just also want to consider holding off for DDR5 mobos and RAM as this should bring some performance benefits, though might be pricey compared to DDR4.
Honestly this is a mammoth build that can last you upto any function that you require of it.
I would say its a wise choice to hold off on the graphics cards until a less ludicrous amount can be seen for purchase.
And as @root suggested a bigger power supply would also be needed if you really wanna get juice going through to that monster of a graphic card that the 3060 will be. Along with any modifications that the chassis would need for the new power supply to function as good as it should with good cooling.🙌