Repeating error messages


New member
May 19, 2023
Recently I have received repeatedly error messages, and they pile one behind the other like a stack of cards.
It reads as follows:
The install of C\Users\Adm (my PC user name)\AppData\Local\Temp\utt........tmp failed
( Signer certificate mismatch )

Between utt and tmp are different file names, such as : C563, 384C, D943, EB9C, FB27, etc.
What causes this and do I stop it ?
Reboot didn't help.
Hi @ikehgl , welcome to CF.

When the error message appears, is it completely at random or just when you reboot the machine?

Some research online suggests this may be related to uTorrent - it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling uTorrent.
It's noteworthy that uTorrent now contains 'adware' while it used to be a pretty trustworthy bit of software a few years ago.
You might want to look at qBittorrent as one option for replacement: