What you just bought


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Nov 24, 2020
My Toshiba laptop was about 8 years old, still worked fine but was getting dated so decided to buy a new one.

Bought an HP Envy x360 EVO Convertible to replace it. The old laptop had a 3rd generation i7 while the new laptop has an 11th generation i7. Got $250 off the regular price due to “Black Friday” sale.
That sounds like a great deal! Do let us know your thoughts once you’ve had it for a while.

I’m still rocking my 3rd gen ThinkPad T430 as a daily driver for both work and pleasure but itching to go for something new as it’s rather heavy to be dragging to the office - sadly having just moved house it’s going to be a while as I’ve just spent a fortune on kitchen appliances. I’m sorely tempted to go for one of the new ARM Macbooks but might leave it another generation, plus I would still need to keep the ThinkPad around to use some of my software for work.

Have however picked up an updated Amazon Fire Stick for the bedroom TV as it was so cheap in the black friday sales it was worth upgrading my current one which is quite slow and laggy compared to my satellite receiver in our main lounge. It controls the TV too which will be nice - no more juggling 2 remotes! Also picked up a bigger Logitech mouse - upgraded not that long ago but found the cheap one to be too small.
I’ve never used a Firestick but hear good things about them. I use a Roku Ultimate to interface with my Plex media server and USB tuner.
I used to use Plex/Emby and a whole system for getting content but these days just stick to Netflix, prime and the standard UK catch up services like BBC iPlayer - fire stick is perfect for these though if you want to go the alternative route it’s pretty easy to load stuff like Kodi.

Set the new one up today - night and day difference to the old one, super fast and responsive!