Windows desktop login terminals


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Jun 27, 2023

During my time in school, we had these computer workstations where logging into your account on any PC would grant you access to all your files, programs, and personalized settings.I'm curious about the specific term used to describe this setup and also interested in knowing how feasible it is to replicate as I have recently opened an office for my startup business.
Hey @phooey, welcome to CF

It sounds like what you're after could be a domain/active directory setup.

I will advise, if you're not 100% confident with this sort of system you could end up with huge headaches. It's worth considering getting someone expert in to set things up properly, or consider using Microsoft Azure AD which negates the need to have on site servers.

Alternatively... for a small business, perhaps less than 10-15 PC workstations it might simply be easier in the long run to not network them together.
Another consideration is to forget desktops altogether - issue your staff with a laptop that they can use in the office or at home, and set up docking stations in the office - this has been the trend in the corporate world in many places for 5-10 years now as it greatly assists the amount of physical work required by on site IT people.