Worth upgrading?

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Jun 16, 2021
SO I have a Dell INSPIRON 15 3537 as my main laptop that feels pretty slow these days. It has 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Disk, WIndows 10, Celeron 2995 U Processor.

Woud it be worthwhile to upgrade. Or should I consider a new machine.
There’s not much you could upgrade on that machine. You could swap out the HDD for an SSD and it may be possible to add more RAM. Neither of those is going to give you a large performance gain.

Your best bet is probably to save the money you would spend to upgrade and put it toward a better machine. You might consider looking at used laptops around 2 years old that have better performance.
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As @strollin has pointed out you’re not going to see massive performance jumps on this sort of laptop. Looks like it was relatively low end when it was new, and at this point it wouldn’t be worth throwing money at it. A SSD would make things feel a little faster but you’re always going to be limited by that CPU. A RAM upgrade probably wouldn’t do much.

If you’re on a budget the suggestion of a second hand laptop is an excellent one. I got 3 years out of a ‘tempoary’ laptop this way and it only cost me £140. 2 year old midrange laptops are good, or if you look at ex-corporate stuff coming off lease at around the 3 year mark (Lenovo ThinkPads, HP Elitebooks, Dell Latitudes) you can get some good quality stuff.

An awful lot of these ex-business machines would’ve spent their entire working lives docked so tend to be in quite good condition. I’d recommend eBay for the best deals.
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