Amazon Prime Day


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Dec 28, 2019
Did you all get anything decent on Amazon Prime Day? I bagged myself a new Logitech mouse and mechanical keyboard, and a wireless headset - not so much for gaming but to make working from home more pleasant.

Kicking myself for not getting the new 4K firestick though with £20 off, could have done with the new remote that lets you turn your TV on/off to save having 2 remotes and the performance improvement would have been great as my current one is a bit laggy at times.
BOught myself a couple of stage lighting things and handy cables but not a great deal else, I wonder if we will get similar deals on black friday so hopefully the fire tv will come down in price for you again 🙂
Didn’t get anything myself, I usually wait for black friday
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My keyboard has now arrived and I am now living in mechanical keyboard glory, starting to see what the hype is about!

I’ll write up a review and post it later 🙂
No i wasn’t able to get any good deals and i was late to the party as well. Otherwise i had a bloody keyboard and Sony wireless headphones that i really wanted to get on that day.😔