Dell AIO no video


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Feb 15, 2022
Inspiron 3455 no video

OK folks, I have an Inspiron 3455 with no boot video

system arrived with this issue

being the NTTSA (no time to screw around) guy, wiped the system reinstalled fresh W10… oh well back to the same

system boots with no error beeps

with HDMI cable attached I get second monitor all well and good, straight into windows, and the touchscreen on the Dell works

the media panel on the side, only power works, display mode will turn off external monitor, volume up down no

swapped out the 0K54K5, same thing

updated BIOS

cleared CMOS with jumper removal… also cleared the PWD with jumper (just in case)

have pulled power, held power button down for 20-30 seconds… nada

running wired mouse and keyboard

this is really a nice system, being the Scotsman I am, would rather rub copper off a penny than toss this

I am sure that someone has the exact answer to this issue

thanks, Bill
Are you getting any signs of life at all from the built in display panel i.e does it light up when you power on?

I don’t have a massive amount of experience with AIOs other than owning one (that I maybe use once or twice a year…) but roughly speaking they’re laptops squeezed into a monitor case.

With that in mind I’d troubleshoot it like a laptop display issue - you’ve already done a lot of the hard work, but at this point I’d be considering stripping it down and re-seating the video cable between the motherboard and the display panel.
This isn’t for the feint of heart but if you’re comfortable with electronics repair it shouldn’t be massively difficult. I ‘repaired’ a television this way a couple of years ago (literally unplugged and replugged the cable between the mainboard and the display) and it’s still going strong.

Not sure how similar this machine is to yours but it’s a pretty comprehensive teardown video:-

Ha, like minds… that was the first video I watched, but he stopped short of where I think I need… the dreaded backlight panel… where ever down in the bowels it is

thanks for the reply, Bill
Ah not ideal then - must admit I didn’t watch the whole thing through.

If you suspect it might be the backlight, one thing to try is to switch the unit on and shine a bright light source i.e a modern LED torch or phone flash torch close to the screen. If it’s a failed backlight then you will still be able to make out what’s on the display.

If that’s the case you’ll likely need to do a panel swap as usually the display and backlight are the same unit. I’ve changed a few in laptops and it can be fairly easy depending on the unit, not sure how easy it is (and cheap) to get a replacement for the all in one. If it’s not too pricey it’s probably worth doing but sometimes display panels can cost more than the entire machine would be to replace.
nothing with very bright flashlight, I have a sinking suspicion that this unit will visit the recycling yard very soon.

too bad, it runs so well… maybe I should just duct tape an external monitor over the existing one… what do ya think!!!