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Aug 30, 2020
Do you use any anti virus software to help protect your computers/devices while you are using the internet?
I use Norton security. They are kind of expensive. $119 per year they charge but I haven’t had any problems while using their service and I have been using theirs for 5 years.
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Windows Defender for me - works great with Windows 10, doesn’t get in the way and doesn’t cause problems with updates. Seems that most other 3rd party AV products these days, even if they offer a better level of protection, get in the way of Windows too much for my liking. I’ve been using Defender as my antivirus since Windows 8, and Security Essentials before that on 7 and I have had no issues!
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Mostly a Mac user but on the one Windows machine I use for work purposes I am also running Defender as it’s built in.

In the past I used to swear by ESET NOD32 - it really did seem to be a great product especially when compared to Norton and McAfee which I used many years ago until I ‘saw the light’ and discovered how much system performance they used to eat up! The constant nagging screens were an irritation also.
been using avast for a few years but based on my recent issue that you guys fixed might switch to defender
Its great that you provide yourself with an extra level of security but as @root and @Philtrum have said in most often day to day cases defender is a good and well baked in antivirus system for Windows. Paying extra only goes to enhance the level of security but it puts an extra load on the system to run the program in the background.
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