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Oct 13, 2021
Hi all,
A customer has asked me to install a HDD in a brand new ASUS X515E laptop. I have removed the 10 screws from the base, and freed the rim of the base, but there seems to be something in the middle of the base preventing its removal. Obviously, I don’t want to break the plastic by applying too much force; does anyone know what’s holding it?
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I can’t think of anything too obvious for this really, potentially a hidden screw under the warranty / info label - usually if you press on any stickers in the area you can feel for the depression where the screw might be but generally Asus kit tends to be quite easy to disassemble in my experience.

Alternatively there’s a chance that the keyboard is hiding a screw that needs to be removed, I’ve had a couple of Asus laptops in the past where you need to push the pins in the top of the keyboard to release it, then undo a screw underneath the keyboard to be able to take apart the case.

Have you been able to fully pry the bottom lip of the case?
Yes, the bottom is free on all sides except under the screen - which in my experience is normal. It’s just the middle holding on.
If you haven’t already done so, Google “disassembly” with the laptop model and you may find a YouTube video or a tutorial on how to disassemble it. If you can’t find the exact model, look at some of other Asus laptops and you may get a clue that will help.
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No model-specific video that actually showed the back being removed. Looked at other models, but all were sufficiently different to not provide a reusable guide. Most showed the back just lifting off without restraint.

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I would potentially say if others show the back coming off without difficult it is fairly likely to just need a bit of gentle force. I would definitely triple check there’s no hidden screws either under the keyboard or under stickers etc. Or even a sticker under the keyboard, manufacturers do sneaky things occasionally.