micro stuttering !


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Jan 6, 2024
Hello all
i have this problem for almost a year and cant find any fix for this
for example if i play mafia 2 definitive edition the game sits at 144 fps and has drops to 120-130 for no reason
my temps are 55 gpu and 65 cpu, computer is clean and windows 11 is fresh installed with no apps running in the background except msi afterburner that shows my cpu and gpu temps and my fps during gameplay.
if i try mafia 2 classic the game play at 60 fps and has drop to 40-50.
i get the same fps with any game video details low,medium,high.
all my games are installed on a kingston sata ssd and os is installed on a m2 kingston ssd
all my games are running on full hd 1920x1080 at 144hz (supported games)
i tried uninstalling drivers, disabling or enabling gsync/vsync, limiting fps to 140 or lower, reinstalling windows and so on.
im out of options and cant figure it out what is the cause of this and what to try.
if someone knows please let me know

my specs:
psu: GIGABYTE UD1000GM-PG5 80+ Gold 1000W
motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Gaming X
cpu: AMD Ryzen 5800x paired with asus ryujin liquid cooling
gpu: RTX 2080ti ventus
ram: Kingston FURY Beast, 32GB DDR4, 3600MHz CL18, Dual Channel Kit (has profile loaded to run at 3600mhz)
monitor: Gaming LED Curved DELL 27", FHD, 144Hz, 1ms, 4ms,350 cd/m2, VESA, DP, HDMI, S2721HGF
SSD1: 512 gb m2 kingston has Windows 11 installed
SSD2: 512 gb sata kingston has games installed
HDD: 2 TB sata western digital for files/music/movies
Hey @aLinux welcome to CF. Sorry your post went unreplied to, it got caught in the spam filter.

Just to check - have you tried running without MSI afterburner running, i.e completely closed via task manager?

It could potentially be an issue with the actual video card though this seems fairly unlikely. It might be worth running some benchmarking software such as Cinebench - you should score around the same or better than the listed benchmark for the 2080, if it's significantly lower it could indicate an issue. Certainly a strange issue though.