DBaaS for management of a webshop?


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Nov 27, 2020

my boutique has expanded significantly in the last few years and I have several boutiques now. At the moment even a webshop is in planning, but this will take some time, because I was not satisfied with the design proposals of the web designers yet. I am not a computer professional myself and have always used external companies for the systems. The same will be necessary for the webshop, because I cannot take over the responsibility to manage the webshop and the whole database management. I was recommended to use a DBaaS provider for the database. Does that pay off? Did any of you have any experience with this? How do I know how it works?

Would be grateful if someone could help me.
t. I was recommended to use a DBaaS provider for the database. Does that pay off? Did any of you have any experience with this? How do I know how it works?
Hello, welcome to Computer Forums 🙂

Not sure the anticipated size of your online trading but as someone that previously ran a small but fairly successful online shop I would advise rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and getting bogged down with technical solutions and developing a custom e-commerce system, it would be worth looking into a more off the shelf system - there are many and I even used several myself:

WooCommerce: not used this one myself and although it requires some technical knowledge it’s not impossible to learn. You will need to find fairly good web hosting for it.

Magento: not for the feint of heart. Needs substantial CPU resources and dedicated or at the least a beefy VPS. Plugins cost hundreds of dollars/pounds. Not user friendly at all: I consider myself fairly adept with Linux and PHP and I struggled with this one.

Shopify: I would start out with this especially if you have no online trading currently. Plugins don’t cost the earth and hosting and card processing is taken care of for you albeit they take a slice of profit. There are good options for connecting with existing in store EPOS systems. It’s easy to design your shopfront, add products and export orders to postal services/ couriers.
Oh wow, this is really amazing and admirable. Usually smaller boutiques don’t have that much of a chance because there is a lot of competition due to the many chains and big corporations - but for you, of course, I’m really happy!

You don’t know much about computers and programming, but you’re smart enough to give it up and put it in trusted hands - that’s just as smart. After all, as the owner you have a great responsibility towards your customers - also for their data. Using such a provider for DBaaS makes sense if you don’t have much experience with databases yourself and don’t dare to manage the whole thing on your own. In addition, with a DBaaS you have the advantage that everything is stored in a cloud and you therefore have virtually no hardware resources and therefore no hardware costs to cover. This DBaaS provider Aiven has such case studies on its website, where you can read about how it all works and how they support their customers as DBaaS. Afterwards you can decide if it is a good and trustable partner for your stuff.