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Jan 29, 2023
Hi everyone, I have a Windows 7 Professional service pack 1 (SP1), but sorry, it's a bit hard to explain, and I want to ask some important questions about the lost admin user. 2018 I accidentally deleted my very first administrator account, and I lost everything, all my favorite music, but I didn't format the system or recycle bin, it was from Manage Accounts. After a few years, I regretted it. I'm trying to search everywhere to recover my deleted administrator user, and I can't remember my username, but I went to Computer Management, how do I recover it? but i have no solution for which software is a useful tool? to recover deleted administrator account on Windows 7 Professional service pack 1 (SP1). Please tell me which is the most useful software to recover deleted administrator account for Windows 7 Professional service pack 1 (SP1)? Just for an example! Administrator tool to recover deleted admin account, and when it's done! I go to the login screen, and it pops up a picture user for my old admin account after I enter the old account, there are a lot of old music that I recognize for a long time. I accidentally deleted the user account from Manage Account, so do you think it is possible to recover the deleted admin user, or it is locked forever? Well, thank you very much, and please save my life 🙏🙏 for my very first account, and feel free to reply.
Hi @immortalflamix, welcome to CF

Whether you can recover the files or not depends on if you deleted the user files or not, and whether much data has been written to the disk since that may have overwritten the files.

First thing I would try would be to see if there’s a folder for the original account under C:\Users.

If you are referring to the ‘built in’ administrator account, as in the username is Administrator, you may need to boot the computer to Safe Mode in order to find/access it.