iOS 14


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Dec 28, 2019
Apple iOS 14 was released this month - have you upgraded yet? It comes with some great features.

I’ve been using it myself and my Apple devices feel a lot snappier, though getting the update to watchOS 7 on my Series 3 Apple watch was a much longer and more fustrating process than I was hoping for!
I held off for the first week or so but have now all of our apple devices (we have a lot!) are running on iOS 14, other than my retired old iPad which is too old.

My experience has been the same as yours - everything mostly feels a lot snappier. A couple of apps I use were having trouble at first but they have been updated by the developer now - Apple have done a great job with this one!
Yup, I have to say I also had a few apps that didn’t play too nicely with the update but these issues have largely gone away. I particularly like the way I can now view my cameras on my Apple TV!
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I also held off on not wanting to update for a while but to no avail. Due to me having a very old generation phone i.e ( iPhone SE) the update seems way to heavy for it and I’m finding myself wanting to go back to the previous version of the software. 🤦