MSI Pulse 15.6 RTX 4070


Aug 22, 2023
Good Morning/Evening All,

I'm really confused about all of the different brands of PC's, the types, the processors, the graphics cards, etc, of course the price is always a factor. And quality is high on my list of priorities...! I do know I had a lot of bad luck with Dell back in the early 2000 era....I don't want another one of those....

I've looked at HP, Lenovo, MSI, Dell....I will not be gaming with this, but will be using it for astrophotography processing which requires a ton of memory and RAM. And also my actual imaging software as well will be used.

The Laptop is $2,199 off Amazon...I posted the link here, perhaps some of you with more experience than I have could look at the specs and offer me some sort of review of this particular PC. I'm about to put the big affirmative click to this thing and order it! It's been a three week search for me, and deciding on this one, I hope will be a good decision!

MSI Pulse RTX 4070 64GB RAM, 4TB HD SSD, Windows 11 Pro

Thank you!

R Bell
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I've added a response on the other thread :) :
I've added a response on the other thread :) :
Got it, thanks!!