New Apple watch


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Oct 24, 2020
Is the new apple watch a good buy for someone as a wearable tech gift. You know as the holiday season is ramping up and all these amazing sales are happening all around. So should i buy someone an apple watch…?
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I’d say it depends on the person you’re buying for, but if they’re into Apple and would benefit from the watch (mostly for fitness - though I’m no gym fanatic and I find it to be useful for keeping an eye on activity) then it’s a good gift.

It’s also a handy way to save on battery on your main phone - I just check my watch for the notification instead, avoiding waking the screen on my phone and do see an improvement in battery life vs days when I don’t use the watch!
It depends on your needs and if you don’t need smart function than you should go for normal watch which comes with many feature but if you like to track your health data than you can go for Apple watch.