New ipad options


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Jan 3, 2020
I’ve been rocking an ipad since 2013 but now looking to upgrade it as it’s getting slower with every ios release and the battery doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore. I use it almost every day in leiu of a smart phone… wanted to know what my best options for replacement are, is it worth sticking to Apple or should I go for an android tablet?

Looking for something fairly small, is the build quality still as robust as ever as I note Apple’s macbook line has had some pretty poor reviews recently

Which iPad is it you currently have? Apple offer several models. The iPad mini might be a good choice.

Build quality on these appears to be about the same as it’s always been - certainly one of the top tablet manufacturers out there. If you’re ‘stuck’ in the Apple ecosystem it makes sense to stay within it - if you go Android you may need to repurchase apps, as unless they are subscription based you may not be able to transfer the purchase.

Also worth considering whether there’s any less commonly used apps that you rely on - things such as BBC news, Netflix can be found on both platforms but if you use something a bit more specialist on a regular basis you may find it missing on Android.
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Currently I am using a bog standard ‘iPad’. It’s not Mini, it’s not pro.

I agree that perhaps I would be best sticking with apple… I have’nt spent much on apps but i am sure it all adds up.

Glad to hear build quality hasn’t suffered like their laptops appear to have!
Glad to hear you’ve come up with a decision. Enjoy your new tablet, shiny stuff is always good! 🙃