Patch My PC Home Updater

Patch My PC Home Updater

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Dec 28, 2019
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Patch My PC Home Updater - Keeps over 300 apps fully up to date on your PC and makes initial setup easy too

Patch My PC Home Updater is a great program that will scan your system for over 300 software applications and download and install updates for them automatically.

It also comes in really useful if you set up a new PC, allowing you to install commonly-installed programmes such as Google Chrome and Adobe Reader with a couple of clicks.

No install required - just download and run.

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Patch My PC Home Updater is a software program that allows you to keep your Windows applications up to date automatically. The program scans your computer for installed applications and checks if there are any new updates available. If updates are found, Patch My PC Home Updater will download and install them for you.

The software supports a wide range of popular applications, including web browsers, media players, productivity tools, and more
Thanks for sharing this, never used it before but looks really handy for when I set up new machines.
Yeah, we started using this at work and I discovered the home updater. Of course it’s much more powerful in a corporate setting using the paid product but for home use I’ve found it handy - I’m certainly guilty of installing software and forgetting about it rather than keeping it up to date!