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Tablet tab M10 FHD PLUS connect on keyboard


New member
Hey, I have tablet named tab M10 FHD PLUS with USB power adapter and cable. Unfortunately it has only single USB-C 2.0, connecting to a power adapter. In addition there is USB Multi Port/HUB and normal USB keyboard, not a tiny keyboard.

Normal it has only USB power adapter -> cable -> tab M10 FHD PLUS. Can I connect with also with USB Multi Port/HUB and USB keyboard? That is USB power adapter -> USB Multi Port/HUB ->
1) cable - tab M10 FHD PLUS
2) USB keyboard

The same time is much easier. Or if not, it has stress with USB power adapter charged for a few hours, and then switched to USB keyboard, and then charged more for a few hours, and so on.
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Staff member
You might be able to use a hub but this appears to be an Android device - it may be tricky to find a hub that will work well with it.

As an alternative could a Bluetooth keyboard work, that way you can still use it with a keyboard, while charging the tablet?