Can't fix "plese shut down power and connect the pci-e cables to this gpu"


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Dec 31, 2021
Well, i dunno what’s the problem is.

My pc was broken, no idea how, thats a weird story, and also kinda here privacy, so sorry, can’t say anything more. when i got my pc back it didn’t turn on. I checked and saw that GPU is died - image — ImgBB

So, im put it off from motherboard, then tried to turn pc but still nothing. I goes to service, they fix pc, it runs now, but i guess i was thinking about some problem and asked about pci slot, and they didnt check it… About gpu they said, no reason to fix it(but im also wondering, i just guess this service can’t, cuz i live not in big city, so here is problem with good masters).

I bought gtx670(working good on seller pc), put it in my pc and how post title says after run pc i got this message: “please power down and connect the PCIe power cables for this graphics card”.

Well, googled, found thaat problem is PSU. Bought new psu - “be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 9 600W”.

I connected everything but got same message about pci-e cables. Is it problem with pci-e slot then? Or what? I just googled it and everywhere people says the reason is PSU/GPU, nobody says probles is motherboard/pcie slot. But they both working good.

Also, im pretty sure i connected all cables good. 6pin and 8pin. Still don’t work 😦

Coolers on gpu are spinning normally, without gpu it works good, with integrated gpu.

Thanks in advance 🙂 also sorry if you’ll find some grammar mistakes, im not native english speaker and never learn grammar 😦
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Did you see the card working in the seller’s PC at the time of buying it? I would put my money on the card itself being faulty.
Either that or when the card went faulty it may have taken your motherboard with it sadly. If the wrong traces or components are burnt out on the motherboard then you may struggle to get it working.
Yup it would be worth getting the place to have another look especially if you’ve paid for a repair that hasn’t been successful.