Travelling in 2021


Staff member
Dec 28, 2019
Things are opening up quite a bit here in dear old Blighty, but unfortunately my plans to visit New York this year seem very unlikely now. Do you think it’s safe to travel now people are getting vaccinated? I certainly wish it was possible as I last got away in Febuary 2020 which was some pretty good timing on my part.

At the time the airport had a poster asking anyone that had been to China recently to make themselves known - if only it was that simple, who knew what was around the corner?
Now that we’re out of lock-down I’ve been mostly catching up with old friends throughout the country which is enough travel for me at the moment! I think I’ll consider a trip abroard next year if things are more settled. We have a holiday home in France but since Brexit and everything else I am not sure if we will be keeping it much longer.