Slow Window 10 update


New member
Dec 16, 2020
I have just had to go through a 6 HOUR Windows update - Why so slow ?
Is someone throttling my internet ? Are scammers taking my data ?
I have a Acer 8GB RAM 2TB quad core laptop with some junk files on as I have lost some photos on my iPhone 7 in 2017 and do not want to delete as the photos and videos are of my father who passed away 3 Yrs ago.
The internet speed comes up NAN now but was 33 Mbs a few weeks ago ?
Hey @Sigue - welcome to Computer Forums.

This definately sounds odd - when the update was in progress, did it take 6 hours to download or 6 hours to install?

Have you tried a couple of different internet speed testers such as and ?

Are you running on Windows 10? And do you have any antivirus on your machine?