Disable Windows 10 Updates?

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May 30, 2021
Something I’ve always done is disable Windows update. My internet is a bit slow for modern times but I live way far out. Updates seem to be huge with windows 10!
I normally disable automatic updates and do a periodic scan. Then I leave the download overnight. iS this good practice still? I am a little worried about system security and if I should leave it on automatic.
If you are sensible with what you download, you should in theory be okay to not install the updates automatically. If there’s news that a new worm is doing the rounds it would be wise to update but given your internet situation your current method should be okay.

Remember Microsoft release updates on a schedule, the 2nd Tuesday each month if I am correct.

If you have multiple W10 computers in your home there’s an option somewhere to download the updates to one and have it share them out - I’ve never been able to get this to work myself though.
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