Windows 11 - is your PC too old?


Staff member
Dec 28, 2019
So Windows 11 is ‘here’ and I’m yet to upgrade.

Turns out at least two of my machines are considered too old for Windows 11. Ironically my ‘worst’ machine being a Celeron netbook is compatible having a new (but slow) CPU and TPM.

Not sure if it’s really worth updating so far, does anyone have any experiences with it?
I’ve only run Win 11 in a VM so far, I don’t see anything in it that make me in any hurry to upgrade any of my physical machines.
Sounds like I’m not missing out on too much then. I pretty much ‘wrote the book’ on basic support for Windows 8 and 10 when they came out working a tech support job at a PC retailer but now I’m no longer customer facing I’m not really tempted to install it to find out if there’s anything to look for.