Video Card upgrade


Nov 9, 2020
Hey Everyone,

I have a Dell Optiplex 3060 with the integrated graphics on it, it is definitely not suited to keep up with a Samsung 49 inch curved monitor, it definitely struggles at times. Any recommendations on a low profile video card that will improve quality and keep that big monitor working smooth. It isn’t for gaming as it is desktop use reading blueprints for building plans, etc. the 3060 is SFF so it has to be low profile to squeeze in there.
Well you can go for a specific graphic card that can fit in a small design like the GTX 1650 Super OC which is a good budget and low profile video card that you can buy. 🙌
Awesome thanks! yea price point is good. I may give that a try and see if that will perform better than the integrated graphics and this monster monitor.
I spend a fair amount of time poking around in these machines for work though the only video cards we use are for DMS-59 ports. Any card you can get is going to likely be an upgrade over the onboard graphics - just keep an eye on the power consumption as the OEM PSUs on these machines tend to be ‘just enough’ for the original hardware.
Ever swap in an upgraded power supply? Curious if so, what did you use on these SFF machines