Which Divides The Physical Core Of A CPU Into Virtual Multiple Cores.

A CPU with multiple cores will have just that, multiple cores able to execute threads on a single die/chip.

Some CPUs feature hyperthreading which is probably best explained in this video:

Hyper-threading technology is a technique that divides the physical core of a CPU into virtual multiple cores, also known as logical cores. This allows the CPU to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, improving its overall performance and efficiency.

Hyper-threading is implemented at the hardware level, and it works by duplicating certain sections of the CPU, such as the execution units, caches, and other components. This allows the CPU to handle multiple threads at the same time, making it appear as if there are more cores than there actually are.

It should be noted that Hyper-threading is not a replacement for multiple physical cores. While it can improve performance, it will not provide the same level of performance as a CPU with multiple physical cores.