ARM Macbooks


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Jan 3, 2020
Anyone else excited about the idea of Apple switching to ARM? I know I am - the idea of 24 hours of battery life really appeals. Hopefully we will get to find out what they’re releasing on Tuesday when they have the Apple event…
I must admit I’m quite looking forward to these coming out - I’ve been considering buying a MacBook for ages now after having one a few years ago and the benefits of the ARM CPUs seem pretty good. I will probably keep my old ThinkPad around for work purposes as well as experimenting with other OSes but the idea of a machine thats fast, good battery life and plays nicely with my existing Apple stuff really appeals.

I’ve so far not been impressed with the Macbook hardware from 2015 onwards but since the switch away from the notorious butterfly keyboard mechamism last year hopefully Apple are now heading in the right direction again.
No news on these just yet from Apple, they did say by the end of 2020 but I guess with everything going on the ARM macbooks might be delayed…
Well after the Apple event last Tuesday we now know what’s coming out and I see a few reviewers such as LTT have got their hands on them - must say that I’m quite impressed though I might still hold on for the second generation of these…
Well yeah definitely it’s a really exciting prospect and with the whole M1 chipset release and all its amazing to see what Apple has pushed out especially considering the battery life and all the performance gains that come with it.
But its better to i think hold off on buying till the bigger sized Macbooks are released that are better tuned to their new ecosystem and the new MacBook software update as well.
By now the detailed reviews are mostly out and they are quite positive as they say that atleast Apple is delivering on its performance and battery claims and its a good recommendation to new macbook users but really a hold off buy until the next gen of the M1 chips arrives.