Bookmarks (Windows 10 and Chrome.)


Jun 4, 2023
About a week ago, all of a sudden all of my Bookmarks lists have changed to double space. How can I get it back to single line space between the websites listed?
This sounds unusual, is this in the listing of bookmarks or the bookmarks bar, are you able to perhaps attach a screenshot of the issue?
Thank you very much for your answer. Enclosed is snip of a section one of my bookmark lists. It looks like double spacing while until about a week ago it looked like single spacing.BMsnip.png
Potentially this looks like it could be the zoom/text size settings for the bookmarks page.

Try going to the bookmarks and pressing Ctrl and 0 together to reset it.

If you want it bigger, do Ctrl and +(plus)
For smaller, Ctrl and -. It might take a bit of experimentation to get it to where you want it.
Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, there is no response nor action after pressing Ctrl and 0,
Ctrl and +(plus) or Ctrl and -.
It might be worth checking your theme and font size settings in Chrome - navigate to chrome://settings/appearance and check the font size is medium. It might also be worth resetting the theme to default as well to see if this makes a difference.
Thank you for your input. I checked Settings/Appearance; the font is medium and set to standard. I am unable to reset the Theme to default. Once I click on Theme, a whole list of themes appears, but I don't see any default.
On another note, once I click on the three dots at the upper right, the list that comes up (New tab, New window, New Incognito window, etc,) is now also double spaced. I guess I have to live with it, but it is annoying. I will try to make a System Restore to a point a couple of months and see what happens.
I wonder if Google have potentially tweaked the default theme - I can’t say I’ve noticed much but I’m not a heavy user of bookmarks other than the bookmarks bar so I may not have noticed…
This is, hopefully, the end of the problem I experienced.
About a week ago, I received one of these recurring notification that a new Windows update will be installed. The next day I realized that the line spacing of my bookmarks and other tables was back to the normal size without me having anything to do with it. I am very happy about this, but I still wonder how this ever happened.