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Cheap laptop


New member
Looking for a cheap laptop prefer below $200 or max $250, what offers the best ‘bang for buck’? want to buy new if possible for the warrantee.
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Staff member
Hi @jamesn1 - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

I’m not in the USA myself so I’m no expert on which retailers are good but looking on Amazon you would really be looking at netbook or Chromebook type devices.

Did you have any preference for whether the system runs Windows? If not, and if you’re happy to use Google Chrome for everything, this HP chromebook should perform fairly well and fits in the budget:-

Another machine that’s Windows that also fits the budget:

HP is not a bad brand.

If you can stretch a bit more, a machine I personally own is this:


I have been pretty happy with it and it’s build quality.

Overall at this end of the budget you are generally going to be getting the same specs: 4GB RAM, a Celeron or other low power CPU, and 32 or 64GB of EMMC storage. Go for 64GB where possible with Windows.

The main differences you’ll be looking out for is a) build quality: my ASUS although cheap and plastic is pretty good on this front and b) brands you prefer, if any. Look at things like the size of the touchpad or what the keyboard is like - check out YouTube for in depth reviews (this is what I did when I bought my netbook).


New member
Chromebooks are decent for just web browsing if you use things like gmail, google docs, Facebook, a Chromebook would be good

If you are a tinkerer and like to install different software or don’t like chrome, you might not find it so good


New member
Before you buy a system or laptop always make sure of the quality of the brand. There is so many cheap pc are out there if you are choosing windows prefer windows 10. Make sure you buying i3 or i5 or more according to your need. Always check plenty of time before buying one, don’t settle for a cheap one because it’s inexpensive. It will cause you more troubles. If you are buying a cheap one it will always prone to computer repair.
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Staff member
I have to disagree. If you’re on a budget even a low end machine can prove useful for basic tasks and buying one from a semi-decent brand should last enough time to save up for a better one.

I use a laptop that cost me about £200. I have a Chromebook that I bought 8 years ago for less than £200. It’s no longer useful to me so I gave it to a family member who still uses it to this day.

I do suspect your post was aimed towards getting a link onto this forum that was not relevant to the topic, it has been removed.