Gpu dead after incorrect bios Flash


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Mar 23, 2022
HI so my gpu (MSI R9270) which when I got it was told that is was and R9 290 2gb version and some how I did not find out that is was an R9270 instead for over 3 years until recently it started causing some issues with setting up multiple displays I decided to flash bios and since I taught that it was a R9 290 I downloaded its bios which is for a 4gb model and Flashed it and I am Pretty Sure That I Bricked It I have tried to flash the backup I made earlier of the old bios thru ATI flash but it does not detect my gpu neither is there any video output although the gpu was a little warm I’ve tried every thing I could find online even the tried using the dos version of ATI Flash but even it does not detect my gpu so this is my last hope any ideas on how to fix this ??

pc specs:

Dell optiplex 9020

Core i5 4590

2 4gb stick’s of ram

Gpu: Msi R9270 2gb version

I have attached a GpuZ ss I took before flash
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Unfortunately it does sound like your GPU is hosed if you’re unable to flash a backup to it via any means.

My best suggestion would be another video card - potentially you can pick up the same one or one of similar performance relatively cheaply, though even 8 year old cards are pretty inflated in price at the moment sadly.