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To help figure out what might be causing the issue, what sort of computer is it, laptop or desktop? When you say it’s very hot, is it shutting down and overheating or just feeling warm to the touch?

What sort of activity are you doing on the machine, is it getting hot for example when gaming or just general use like web browsing?
Thanks for getting back to me so fast. The desktop specs are the following: Intel core i5 (sixth gen), 16 GB RAM, 500 GB internal storgae drive. Reguarding the over-heating problem it just feels very hot after using it for a couple minutes of general use for example Microsoft Word and Chrome.
Is it a normal desktop case?

Do you get any sort of fan noise from the unit, and is it hot all over or in one place?

If it’s just a standard desktop it should run fairly cool. The only components that would get particularly warm would be the hard disk drive if it’s a mechanical one and the CPU which should have some sort of cooling fan.

It might be worth checking that the fans are running okay and not blocked by dust or similar. Is it a prebuilt pc or one that you’ve put together yourself? Depending on the age you may well need to de dust the unit or even reapply thermal paste to the CPU, though I wouldn’t expect the outer case to get too much warmer.

If you run something like CoreTemp what sort of temps are you getting?