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Hope you guys enjoy my content :)


New member
Hello everyone,

I made a post earlier for any youtube video suggestions, some one suggested that I post my channel, and being so small, I would appreciate if you guys could help support me in this journey and subscribe and check any of my videos out, would mean the world to me.

username : How2TechTips
url : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnovEtKRxKbP9bk8y0H5EtQ

I am also open to any channel criticism, if you think there is anything I can do better

let me know



Staff member
Looks great, I have subscribed! It’s nice to see some of the stuff the ‘bigger’ channels don’t go near getting covered.

I’ll feature a couple of links to your videos where they might get a few more views: the lounge isn’t visible unless you’re logged in to this site.