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Which program language do I need to learn to help me build a form?


New member
Hey, I have tried phraseexpress and I built a fine form but it did not quite meet my exact needs, I built a form in word and while the instructions were there to add bits and pieces, I could not get any of it to work quite right (i.e. the multiselection list box). While investigating this process I noted that word uses the developer language "visual basics". Can anyone advise me on weither to try and learn a computer language to build a form or should I keep searching for a prebuild phraseexpress/word builder type program that may already exist? If I should learn a language, which one do you think would best suit the building of a word document?
I have downloaded visual studio (as a noob, I am anxious as I have struggled with "hello world" and the multitude of videos that got me close to an output, just not quite there hahaha)
Not sure if you want to see my attempts!! (laughable I'm sure hehehe)


Staff member
Potentially Visual Basic can do this: Build a form and set up an on click action to say ‘copy X string to keyboard’.

The advantage here is you can design the exact layout, but I have to say I am very, very rusty with VB these days.

I would suggest just using the VB environment that’s built into MS Office rather than creating a full blown program.

You could even do it in Excel which gives you the opportunity to do more smart stuff like editing the phrases in a spreadsheet. All pretty advanced stuff but it should be possible.

The other route you could potentially take is JavaScript - find a code example of what you’re after and adapt it. Then you can build a web page as your ‘front end’ (doesn’t need to be put on the internet, just a simple .html file will do)


New member
Cheers yet again root, I will look for a few books on the subject, the videos are way too varied yet generalised??
You have helped me heaps thus far.
Thank you for your time,