Multi selection list in word


Jul 18, 2022
Hi all, I have been trying to build a form recently using phraseexpress- neat program, I have stumbled upon some features in word (2013) that appear to do the things I seek, but I cannot seem to impliment them, one is the multi selection list where a multi check box format inserts multiple selections onto the document. I have the single selection version working well. I have followed many instructions and videos to no avail, anyone got any suggestions that may help?? (preferably novice level instructions hahaha)
Cheers in advance,
A bit of further research on this has led me to this:

It might, just, be exactly what you’re after.

I can’t vouch for the security of this software. If you have an IT dept or a cybersecurity team I would strongly advise running it by them first. If one of my users tried running this where I work many alarm bells would start ringing.

With that said, I found this linked from a Microsoft page and it seems to be well regarded. Whether it’ll function with your version of Word remains to be seen, though some of the screenshots on the site appear to be from Windows XP so potentially an older version will do the job.