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How do I create a website?


New member
Hey all

Happy new year!!

I have been developing a business over the past 6 months or so selling custom cakes and it’s been going well. I am pretty good with Instagram and Facebook and get plenty of sales this way but I feel now is the time to get a proper website. Only thing is I have no idea where to start! I have seen things like Wix and it looks sort of complex - is it easy to use?

I mostly just want to have a gallery of my work and a contact page, nothing too fancy.

Thanks in advance! 😃


Hey, welcome to Computer Forums 🙂

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, something like https://www.squarespace.com/ might be just the ticket as they give you templates you can customise. However they can be quite pricey.

Google offer a similar service, where you just pay for the domain name (that’s the .com/.net/.co.uk/.biz bit i.e this site’s domain is computerforums.net)

This can be found here:

If all else fails consider getting a web designer though this can be very expensive and if you’re doing social media already, a page builder would hopefully be not too much of a step up 🙂