Huawei fiber router


Dec 3, 2020
I just had my internet changed from dsl to fiber optic and it has worked wonders but the router the ISP installed is a weird chinese modem from ZTE and the research I’ve done online has shown that Huawei modems are better so should i have my ISP swap it out with a the Huawei one…?
If it’s anything like how things are done in the UK your ISP may have matched your modem to the equipment in your exchange - here we get Huwaei ONTs when there’s Huwaei equipment exchange, Nokia ONTs when it’s Nokia gear in the exchange etc. I used to work in FTTP faults for one of the UK’s largest providers and this is the way things are done here.

As long as you’re getting the speeds you are paying for it’s probably best to stick to the provided equipment - also the fibre itself is quite delicate and doesn’t like being plugged/unplugged. Do you have a seperate ONT (modem) and router or is it combined into one unit?