How to protect the optic fiber inlet for modem


Dec 3, 2020
The optical fiber modem that was installed by my ISP has a very delicate looking optic fiber that I’m having a bit of trouble trying to place somewhere that it doesn’t get damaged as the ISP worker told be to careful about it
So how should i protect that cable such that it suffers no damage
Best to leave it in situ - if you want your router elsewhere try to get a longer ethernet cable. Best practice is for the ISP to mount the ONT (modem) to the wall so it doesn’t get moved around too much.
Just as @root has said its best practice if your ISP will properly be to mount your router but thats not the case you need to call them up and inform them timely so that no chance for damage may come to that cable
  1. Avoid rough handling: Be careful when handling the modem and try not to drop it or bump it against hard surfaces. This can help prevent damage to the optic fiber inlet.
  2. Use a protective cover: Consider using a protective cover or case to protect your modem from scratches, dents, and other damage.
  3. Please keep it clean: Make sure to keep the optic fiber inlet clean and free of debris. Dust and other particles can accumulate over time and block the inlet, causing connectivity issues.
  4. Use a fiber optic cleaning tool: If you notice any dirt or debris on the optic fiber inlet, use a fiber optic cleaning tool to remove it carefully.