Wifi 6 - worth upgrading?


New member
May 19, 2022

Wanted to see if anyone had any experience or thoughts on using Wifi 6 routers. I currently use the router my ISP gave me but am wondering if there's any sort of speed benefits to upgrading to a Wifi 6 router. I have a few Wifi 6 devices, mostly iPhones and a work laptop but I often find the coverage in my home a bit lacking so would like to know if changing the router would provide a simple solution.
Hi @CharlesSB and welcome.

This mostly depends on the size of your home. When you say the coverage is currently lacking do you have a large or small home?

Upgrading to wifi 6 may help somewhat but you may find coverage is still poor if you have a decently sized property, especially if you have concrete walls or other things in the way of the signal.

Often moving the router to a more central location can help things.