No audio from computer speakers


New member
Jul 20, 2023

I recently put together my first PC. Everything runs very well! (Windows 11, and GTX Geforce 1650 Graphics Card).

Except there is no audio output from the computer or external speakers.

I can get sound when headphones are plugged in to the audio port, but the HDMI connection to my LG monitor or USB connection to a speaker will not work. I have checked the drivers on the devices and the graphics cards and they are all up to date. I also have checked the default sound devices, settings, etc.

Is there a possibility that some of the audio plugs from the motherboard were improperly installed? I can get more information, if needed.

Thank you!
Usually the audio from HDMI comes via the graphics card. You mentioned you've got the drivers up to date.

USB should 'just work' too.

What motherboard are you using? And have you checked the sound devices in control panel to ensure the right one is set to default?
You may need to open the Sound Settings and select the correct Output device. The HDMI audio might not work if another device is selected.

To open the Sound settings, right-click the Start menu, and then select Settings > System > Sound.