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Operating system not found




i reacently got given an old hp laptop to fix up and use… hp pavilion dm4t

the problem is it says " operating system not found " when i put it on

is it likely to be the hard drive? how easy is it to change on this computer

and what operating system should i put on it, i have no disks

thanks in advance
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Hi @anon62974592, welcome to CF! 👋

It sure sounds like an open and shut case that the HDD has failed, but there are few things worth checking first - are you able to open the HDD panel and double check the drive is (a) present - depending on where you got this from the HDD may have been removed and (b) firmly connected properly?

As for what OS to load – the unit probably came with 7, and should just about run Windows 10 properly - is there a licence sticker on the laptop? AFAIK you can still use a 7 key with Windows 10.

Otherwise as the hardware is a little older, you might get a bit more performance using something such as Linux Mint.
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