Should I jailbreak my iPhone 12?

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May 31, 2021
I’ve got an iPhone 12 but really I’m starting to feel a bit bored of it. Years and years ago a friend jailbroke my iPhone 4 to get Siri on it when this was a 4S only feature, it sort of worked for a while but I switched to Android for a long time until now.

How easy is it to jailbreak an iPhone? Is it worth it in 2021? How can I do this?
Hey @Rubicon - welcome to CF 👋 It’s good to have you here!

I would say the answer is up to you. Because of the dubious legality of doing so we can’t tell you how to do it here but this is fairly easily findable using Google. One thing to note, Apple tend to patch the exploits quite quickly so if you’re on the latest iOS it may not be possible.

A lot of the jailbreaks these day require you to have your iPhone plugged into a PC when you boot it so this may make things more difficult.

I would also note that this can be a potential route for malware on your phone. iOS is a lot less open than Android - if you want a phone you can hack/change to your heart’s desires and install apps from wherever you want, I would generally say go the Android route.

I used to flash and mod phones including jailbreaking in the past but these days I find life is too short for the hassle personally.

I’m sorry to have to do it, but I will lock this thread now due to potential legal issues of publishing any instructions on this site. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have though!
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