Small / quiet PC


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Jul 2, 2021
Hi, I am looking for a small/quiet desktop PC to replace an old home theatre PC that has stopped working. I don’t need storage or anything as I have a home server but what I really want is a small/quiet machine ideally fanless.

I can find quite a few on Amazon but none from brands I have heard of. Does anyone have any experience with these.

Thanks in advance.
Hey @Hewer, welcome to Computer Forums!

There’s a large amount of mini PCs out there these days, some better than others.

What sort of spec are you looking for? Does it have to be brand new or would a used/refurb one do?
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Hi, Thanks for you reply.

No particular spec just something that can cope with 1080p streaming via HDMI. I guess a modern CPU and 8GB RAM. It will mostly be running the Plex frontend. Maybe some light retro game emulation at times. SSD would be good.
No issues with refurbished machines as long as they work and are a good value.
Not sure which country you’re in but I bought a Minix PC several years ago that still works well today - I used it as a shipping station, for printing labels and weighing parcels when I ran an ecommerce business so it really was under heavy use for a period. Here’s a link on Amazon UK

More recently I bought a Lenovo M900 which is a fantastic machine for its size - it is now my main workstation PC. For my job I use a VDI system and for gaming, a cloud gaming service - but for my own general computing use where I use the local hardware it performs very well. In my own tests it can cope just fine with 1 4K steam and can play two simultaneously without too much drama though it does start stuttering a little.