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Un-installation of everything on the computer?


New member
I want to un-install absolutely everything from my dell laptop, I have my files saved onto another computer, so that’s taken care of. I already know how to reinstall vista, but I just need to start completely over. Does anyone know how to do this?

p.s. I have all my disks that are needed for re-installation.


Staff member
Hi Alton,

Are you looking to completely remove everything to give the computer to someone else or are you just looking to reinstall the OS? If it’s the latter, just run the disks and you can erase the existing content 🙂


New member
I would recommend to just reintall your operating system. It is the easiest way because then it is like a “new bought computer” without any programs.

Just make sure that your data is saved, but u already did that. 👍