Upgraded computer lag on simulator


Nov 9, 2020
Hey Everyone,

I had an old computer (~5 years old or so) that was running a golf simulator (R-Motion) perfect until it died (no lag, smooth graphics etc).

I swapped out CPU, RAM and Motherboard for newer equipment and now it has about 6-8 second lag when shots hit etc. I haven’t built a computer or messed with hardware in quite awhile so I may have screwed it up and gone backwards. Thoughts?

Also, apparently this software only supports Intel and won’t run AMD/Ryzen etc we tried that first on another PC we had and it was even worse.

CPU - Intel I5-9400
MotherBoard - Gigabyte B365M DS3H
RAM - TeamGroup DDR3 16GB 1600MHz
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That certainly sounds strange, one would absolutely expect a newer system to run the software an older machine was coping with.

To help narrow it down I’d like to ask the following…

You say the computer died - do you know which component failed? It may have affected some of the components that haven’t been replaced in some strange way

Is the software designed for an older version of windows? Have you kept the same windows install from the old machine, and if so have you run Windows update (assuming this is running windows 10) to check for any updated drivers/firmware?

What video card are you using and is it in the fastest slot on the motherboard?
The Motherboard took a nose dive.

It is possible that it was meant to run on older version of Windows but we did have it running on W10 before, that part didn’t change. The software was discontinued just recently and no longer supported, its possible it just is an old platform and the newer generator hardware isn’t supported

I ran Windows update and ensured it was up to date as well as all firmware was updated as well.

It is running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 video card that is also updated.

The only components i didn’t replace were hard drive (samsung 256GB SSD), Power Supply and video card. Which I guess could have been affected if Motherboard died out.

Oh one thing to add is we run iRacing no problem at all. no lag, no issues.
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It might just be worth trying another video card but I will be honest if all other software is performing well, and the app specifies Intel only then there is the chance it simply isn’t optimised well for AMD. I’m not sure if the software publisher has given any reason why it can’t work on AMD CPUs as it seems rather silly to simply not support them. Potentially playing with the windows compatibility settings for the app might help but I’m not confident that will do much either!

Hopefully another member can chime in on this one as I’m struggling to think of anything else to try for this one!
Yea I can try a 1060 that I have in my other PC and see if that helps at all. I am thinking might just be better to buy the upgraded version of the game that is still supported.
would suggest instead of upgrading old pc, you must buy an upgraded version as the old pc does not support the upgraded features and won’t able to run it freely.
Thanks, the software vendor discontinued the simulator software, my initial thought was that it was just not designed to run on the upgraded hardware.