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Does anyone else use a video doorbell?

For years I had a Ring doorbell at my old place - it worked fairly well but eventually went faulty after 4 years of constant use and a slightly dodgy electrical connection (when I got it they didn’t sell them in the UK so it was a grey market import from the USA and I couldn’t get the correct type of transformer)

When it stopped working I picked up an EZVIZ doorbell that had much better picture quality but that was about the only good thing about it.

I have since moved and use a Ring Peephole cam - I wasn’t going to bother with one at first but seeing the people coming and going from my block of flats I decided it would be best to.

I was wondering does anyone else use a video doorbell? Which one? I like the ring but the picture quality isn’t great plus the idea of everything being recorded to Amazon brings up privacy concerns.

For me I ideally need a ‘through peephole’ battery model as I rent and need to be able to put things back to how they were before should I move.


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We have the ring doorbell. I’m not really sure why I installed it, more for the novelty of it I suppose. We don’t really even use or care about the video part of it. The main reason I keep it is because I like the way it is integrated into Alexa so when the doorbell rings, there is an announcement from Alexa. I used to have trouble hearing the regular doorbell but I have no problems hearing Alexa’s announcement.


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Not got one as have a full CCTV system that covers the front door though I have been thinking of it so I get mobile alerts / as a backup should the CCTV fail.

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