Windows 10 reset, has been stuck for several hours can I turn off and try again


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Jul 7, 2021
Resetting my Windows 10 it has been stuck at 38% now for at least 3 hours. Is it safe to turn off the PC and try again or should I keep waiting
Hey @ZeroGravity5 - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

For sure this sounds like the machine has crashed during the reset.

Did you boot from a Windows USB to reset or did you use the built in tools? You might need to get hold of a Windows USB (you can use the media creation tool downloadable from here) but it should be possible to reinstall.

I’d say reboot the machine and see if it will let you into Windows. Worst case scenario is it is now unbootable and you can recover using a USB. If you can get back into Windows, perhaps try the recovery process again.