Wireless headsets


Oct 11, 2020
Can anyone recommend a good wireless headset? Ideally one that is lag free as often bluetooth headphones seem to have a lag compared to the video?
This one on Amazon looks quite good, fairly decent reviews, 2.4Ghz i.e not Bluetooth and from a known brand - but it might be out of budget:


What sort of features are you after and did you have any budget in mind?
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Logitech ones are great, and if you have modern bluetooth 5 device and a bluetooth 5 headset I think the lag is much less noticeable now
I’ve found some great headsets that are in a very comfortable and very easy on the wallet.
These are Corsair HS80 pro wireless gaming headset.
It a great bang for the buck product. And that build quality is mind boggling in the sense that its such a steal when it comes to the price, when compared to other headsets that are more expensive.🙌
here’s an amazon link for them
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