Working from home, will it last


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Dec 28, 2019
What a crazy year its been… do you think working from home will last?

My employer looks like they’re going to be doing it long term though I’m currently going in the office a few times a week to deal with IT hardware issues, I do seem to get more work done at home though!
I think a lot of it will depend on how long the virus restrictions last, the longer we spend doing it the more people will get used to it and potentially enjoy it - I know not everyone does though so I can see in the future perhaps offices will shrink and become ‘hubs’ for some people to work from and others to maybe pop in for meetings and such things.

A lot will also depend on the business, only clerical or computer type jobs really work, I don’t imagine many welders or carpenters will be working from home unless they just manufacturer and sell small pieces.

A lot will also depend on broadband speeds - I am fortunate to have a very good connection but I know many people that have very poor connectivity where they are.
I’m retired now but for the last 10 years that I worked as a software engineer, I worked mostly from home with only an occasional trip into the office for meetings and such. During that time, whenever I was looking to switch jobs, one of the first things I inquired about was whether or not I would be able to work from home. Never missed going into the office.

I think the trend will continue for people to work from home. It’s much cheaper since the employer doesn’t need to pay for as much office space for it’s employees so their captital costs will go down which helps the bottom line go up.
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I dont know why but i felt a connection with @davenet at an emotional level at his reply. Some people are just feeling the best in this whole lockdown work from home situation.😂🙌
I know its hard for the others not to undermine them or anything just that some feel at home if they have to work from home.🙌