Would you ever quit gaming?

I don’t think I would ever quit gaming. I might take a break from it for awhile as I have done before but I always go back to gaming. It’s a fun hobby especially on days when the weather isnt good outside.
I have thought of this as well. Sometimes I think ‘am I wasting my time and money with these games?’ but then most times I have so much fun playing games that it doesn’t matter. I don’t think I’ll completely quit games.
I don’t think that would ever be an option for me. Its a good pass time and a great hobby to keep my mind busy and allows me to connect with so many people of different thoughts which for me is amazing in itself considering my introverted nature.
Also it provides incentive for me for earn a good enough amount that i can keep supplying myself with upgrades for this hobby to keep on going.🙌
Got big into Minecraft myself for a while but it sort of lost its magic as time went on and the features got more complicated for me. Still try to keep my hand in gaming but struggle to find anything that keeps my interest for too long!
Well it depends on the person.
For me some situations in life just happened in such a way that i was given a lit of responsibility at a time when i really should have laid back so the attachment period i could have had with games was withered with the various things i had to work on. I at a time had a great live for gaming on almost any platform and especially consoles but now I’m mostly if able to only play a online games sort of on my phone.
Gaming didn’t even exist in my childhood, I was already an adult when Pong was popular. I was in my mid 20’s and already married when Atari gaming was pretty popular. I remember playing Space Invaders with friends until the wee hours of the night.
No never ever because that's the only thing that I do that gives me happiness and control my over thinking so answer is never ever